Looking for a top-quality brake upgrade that looks great and performs even better? All Performance Friction Zinc Rotors are just what you need. Made from tough and durable G3000/G11H18 iron castings, these rotors are built to last. Plus, the drilled holes and slots provide enhanced brake grip and improved stopping power. And best of all, the zinc coating helps resist corrosion for an extended rotor life. So, you can rest assured knowing your brakes are in good hands. CNC machined and 100% precision mill balanced for superior braking performance, All Performance Friction Zinc Rotors are the perfect choice for anyone who wants the best of both worlds - great looks and even better performance. 

Our performance rotors are zinc-plated, which means they have an extra layer of protection against corrosion. It's not sprayed on like most other coatings, providing more durability. Performance Brake Rotors are immersed in different solution tanks during the coating process to create a thick, protective layer that will help prevent rusting and give you a great custom look.


APF'S Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors are a great choice if you live in wet climates because they offer better-stopping power. In addition, the drilled holes help air ventilation, while the slots remove road debris from your brakes. This prevents the glazing of pads or other dangerous situations that can happen when using standard rotors made with cast iron material instead!


If you're looking for a set of quality brakes, then All Performance Friction is where it's at. Their zinc-coated rotors will protect your car from corrosion before rust has time to take over! In addition, the Drilled and Slotted style reduces noise by eliminating excess vibration while providing optimal stopping power at any speed - these are the perfect additions for any ride. So never worry about getting a bad rotor again with these high-quality replacements.


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