Looking for a top-quality, high-performance brake rotor? Look no further than the All-Performance Friction Geo Rotor. These rotors feature an anti-corrosion coating that will wear off during Brake In, but the hub and inner vane of the rotors will remain coated, helping to extend rotor life. The rotors are precision fine-tuned with a lateral rotor run out of less than 0.05mm and a balance of less than 1.5 in -oz-, making them ready to install out of the box with no oil to remove. Additionally, APF GEO Series Rotors are manufactured with True OE design, precisely the same as the OE manufacturer's specifications. So if you're looking for a top-of-the-line brake rotor that is guaranteed to fit any vehicle, look no further than the All Performance Friction Geo Rotor.




These disc brake rotors are fully coated with Genuine GEOMET Coating, which provides long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion. The aluminum silver color of the coating also looks great with today's open alloy wheels. In addition, these rotors are OE weight and vane configuration to ensure a trouble-free installation. 




With a ceramic brake pad, this rotor offers a longer life span than organic or semi-metallic brakes, reducing wear and tear on your brake discs. The extremely low dust ceramic formula also helps reduce wheel-cleaning costs while still delivering peak stopping power. Plus, ceramic brake pads are quieter than semi-metallic pads so that you can enjoy a smooth, quiet ride. So if you're looking for a rotor that can deliver consistent performance under a wide range of temperature conditions, choose the All Performance Friction Geo Rotor.